Sharing global values
Building on industry’s expertise
Accelerating growth

Accelerating growth
Building sector expertise
Sharing global values

ABSL is the voice of the business services sector - an industry that has shown resilience and an ability to expand amid global turbulences.

The sector continuously grows and requires comprehensive and long-term guidance.

ABSL plays a crucial role in advocating for the industry's sustained development.

an industry


in Europe

Representing an industry of
40 million professionals
in Europe

Our purpose

Representing the views of ABSL members in front of decision-makers and key stakeholders

Collaborating with the European Union and other international organizations to create a positive investment climate

Promoting Europe as a premier investment location for value-added business growth

Uniting the combined strength of ABSL members and enhancing their collective impact

Join our community of over 600 leading companies

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⬢ EU competitiveness and a digital future

⬢ Talent pool and skills for the future

⬢ Resilience and an ESG based future

The Founding Leader Board comprises thought leaders who have been instrumental in shaping the sector and championing international cooperation. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the development and growth of ABSL globally.


Portrait of Jacek Levernes, Chairman of ABSL.

Jacek Levernes


Jacek Levernes is a senior executive with +25 years of leadership experience working across CEE, Europe and globally. His specialties include business development, shared services, operations and outsourcing, digital transformation, investment growth, as well as strategy and public affairs, while his track record spans multiple industries including business services, IT, real estate and private equity. Currently, he is a Senior Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ICTSI Poland and Non-Executive Director at Skanska Commercial Development Europe. He is also the co-founder and now the Honorary President of ABSL Poland.

Portrait of Monika Slomska, responsible for business sector promotion.

Monika Slomska

Sector promotion

Monika is a well-known expert in the business services field. Her vast knowledge has helped numerous global and regional companies outsource their business processes to service centers in Hungary and other parts of the world. With over 25 years of corporate and leadership experience, she has acquired skills in managing global and regional projects, transforming organizations, change management, and streamlining business processes. Monika is a Founder and Managing Director of Knowledge Pyramid, a specialised management consulting company that offers essential support for managing change and transformation.  

Portrait of Christian Mertin

Christian Mertin


A seasoned global executive and business advisor with global and deep expertise, experience and innovation capabilities. Christian is a dynamic, client focused strategic thinker and has over 30 years of experience in Business, Finance and IT Management Advisory, including 20 years within EY in Germany, Europe and India. He delivered first rate results and created a transformation momentum, especially in the CFO and Corporate Services (Captive or BPO) area. Working with globally renowned companies he recognize that their Global Business Services or Shared Services set-up can be transformed into a real innovation hub. 

Portrait of Janusz Dziurzynski, specializing in talents and skills of the future in the business sector.

Janusz Dziurzyński

Talents and skills
of the future

Janusz Dziurzynski has over 25 years of senior leader experience in building and growing business services including general management and P&L experience. As a center head he has been leading business process changes and digital transformations. His expertise spans across multiple domains including IT, logistics, sales and finance. Janusz, presently the Global Delivery Head and General Manager at BAT Digital Business Services, has a wealth of experience with P&G in regional and global roles across a broad spectrum of business and organizational functions, followed by a tenure as Technology Principal Director at Accenture. Janusz is a co-founder, and since 2021 President of ABSL Poland.

Portrait of Derek Smith, ESG

Derek Smith


Derek Smith, a British / Swiss senior leader with 30 years of financial services experience, has held various senior roles across private equity, service delivery, risk, change management, and SAP technical services, and was the founder of ABSL, a major outsourcing association present in 12 countries in Europe with over 500 member companies.  Derek is a board member of Inngen Ghana and strongly believes in Impact Sourcing and that Africa will play a significant role as a provider of high-quality talent to meet global resource needs.

Portrait of smiling Adnan Behmen, leader in technology.

Adnan Behmen


Adnan is IT and business leader with more than 25 years of experience in transforming the way business is done via information technology and business services. He is senior director in P&G ’s IT business services. Adnan led multiple business service and IT innovations in supply chain that led to P&G’s ‘supply chain master’ recognition by Gartner’s since 2015. He worked on multiple P&G’s ERP implementations, led co-innovation programs with top global IT companies, led P&G global master data / customer service business services, and worked on establishment of P&G’s planning service centers. As of 2022, Adnan is responsible for P&G’s global identity and access management, part of P&G’s information security organization. Adnan is one of founders of ABSL Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its current president. He is a board member of La Terra Nostra foundation and students’ mentor in BH Futures Foundation. 

Vivek Bakshi

Thought leadership

Vivek has played a pivotal role in establishing and scaling operations for Wipro, a large IT services provider in various geographies, notably contributing to the company’s footprint in Romania, Portugal, Poland, and Ireland. Currently at the helm of operations in Eastern Europe, Vivek oversees both service delivery and business enablement functions, demonstrating a remarkable ability to navigate complex cross-functional and cross-cultural landscapes. In addition to corporate achievements, Vivek is a Co-Founder of the Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania showcasing a commitment to industry collaboration and advancement. Vivek’s multifaceted career reflects a dedication to driving operational excellence, fostering international relationships, and contributing to the growth of shared services on a global scale. With over 25 years of global business experience spanning diverse industries and roles, Vivek is a seasoned professional known for strategic acumen and leadership prowess.



Portrait of board member Iwona Słończewska-Knap




Portrait of of board member Wioletta Bobryk

Wioletta Bobryk


Portrait of of board member Pawel Panczyj

Paweł Panczyj




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Partner category 1 title

Partner category 2 title

Embracing ESG Principles in the Business Services Sector: ABSL's Commitment to ESG

How will ABSL support ESG activities in the sector? How to translate ESG standards into the reality of the functioning of the sector?

7 March 2024

ESG principles in today's business landscape have become integral to corporate strategies across industries. For the business services sector, including outsourcing and shared services, embracing ESG practices is not only a matter of corporate responsibility but also a strategic imperative for long-term success.


FDI in CEE: Risks & Opportunities
Debate and networking cocktail

16 January 2023

The event offers a unique opportunity to discuss the impact of evolving political and economic landscapes in CEE on foreign direct investment. It's a chance to network with industry leaders and build valuable connections within the business community.

ABSL @ Davos Partners

Debate Partner

ABSL European Forum

Business Services – A Uniting Engine for Growth

20-21 March 2023

150 representatives from the business world, decisions makers from the public and private sectors as well as the region’s thought leaders met in Berlin to discuss the future of the region and ways to generate positive development and growth.


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We are happy to answer your questions. For media inquiries, please contact us:

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